Monday 7 April 2014

Mostly Mute Monday...

...only because we all know I am incapable of shutting up! *blush*
Today's photos brought to you courtesy of my Samsung phone & hand-grazing the girls (yesterday) in preparation for 24/7 summer turnout as of May 1st.

Some of these may have been shared on instagram - but I tried to keep most off so that they could be "premiered" here on the blog ;-)

Insta-collage to make side-by-side headshots

All the forelock

All the mane & checkout them dapples

Kika lopsided confo shot;
includes rub marks from my wayward heels

Nancy lopsided confo shot:
yep she is deff filling out a lot
And now for my favourite shot of the pair of them:

Bosom Buddies
There are more snapshots which may be shared later in the week as waffle fillers because my social calendar is after filling up on me all of a sudden - plus workload is still unpredictable so I am not sure I'll have much in the way of horsey updates till the I have saved some photos for later posts in necessary.
Well that and it's past my bed time so I gots to get some Zzzzs to be able to function tomorrow ;-)


  1. Nancy's coat is really gorgeous with those dapples!

    1. If I can shift the stubborn winter fuzz they will both look even better...I hope

  2. I love their halters! That last pic is super cute :)

    1. I LOVE the last pic, so glad I was able to capture it!
      Those are just their nylon turnout halters *blush*

  3. I LOVE Kika's halter!!!! I want one in blue! :D I get so bored of the solid colors hehe.

    I love all of the pictures. Your girls are so gorgeous!

    1. Aw thanks a1d, i snagged it on a clearance sale thing from an online tack store ages ago...If i can remember which one I'll send you a link


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