Wednesday 9 April 2014

Proud as Punch & VCBH - Commercial Moment

Quick snapshot before turnout today

I was super pleased with myself last night as despite not getting out of work until 7pm (an hour and a half later than I am supposed to finish) I still managed to hightail it to the yard & got a quick spin in on BOTH girls!

Sadly as I was rushing to get them brought in, ridden & bring in and wrap up the other horse on turn out with them (she gets leg wraps for when she is stabled) before lights out at 10pm - my saddle time was far from as productive as it has been of late.
But some saddle time is better than no saddle time which was the barrel of the gun I was looking down with busy social calendar for the rest of the week :-/
Yay & Neigh all at once ;-)

I started with Kika and she was UP - not bad at all just full of fizz & pep in her step, took a while for her to really settle and soften - we deff weren't helped by my clock watching, but I honestly cannot say a bad word about her. She was a little looky & stiff in her neck, not really releasing through her back and choppy in her striding but we got there in the end and managed to finish on some lovely relaxed trot work.

Nancy was another story, she started lovely but got snippy & pissy with me even though I was trying to keep it to the things i had hoped we could do without getting into a fight...suits me right for trying to do things the "easy" way - she just didn't want to know about bending and was all for giraffe'ing her way around. Once i remembered to get out of her face we managed some semi-presentable work and enough for me to finish up feeling happy with weathering the storm & putting in some mileage to tide us over to the weekend so that she didn't go Sunday to Saturday without anyone on her back...not that that would be a problem, but managing to ride last night made my week much more manageable - yes I am that selfish!

Not much of an update - but best I have for this week I'm afraid, now for Viva Carlos' fun Blog Hop - I skipped the last two legs as I figured dedicating posts to the fact that my girls get muesli & hay (both provided by barn) and my lack of tack locker would make for boring reading to blog jumping back on the bandwagon this week as we reveal our Want'list/Wishlist/Need'lists

Blog Hop: Our Commercial Moment

What are you buying next? Not your "Wish I could" list but your actual practical pony shopping list. And if its a high ticket item you are saving for what is it and when do you expect to order/get it? 

1. Like many I have ordered an Ogilvy Half Pad - not directly from the suppliers, but form an online tack store I like to use from Northern Ireland. So no custom colours for me...yet! I can always order a separate cover if i can actually decide on what colour combo I want...darn Libra indecisiveness!
Sadly they were out of stock and are awaiting the arrival of more before it can be shipped to me, but fingers crossed I get it before I leave for Ireland myself for Easter weekend as there will be no one here to sign for it and that would be *leGasp* awful!

2. I am need of a new helmet, I am at about the 4 year mark in my current helmet which i broke the peak off of about 2 years back and have probably dropped a couple more times then I should have - have only actually fallen off (from a horse) in it twice - but now that I've said that I'll probably go flying at the weekend!
I have done no concrete research as yet - but the Charles Owen Ayr8 that can be customised with purple options has caught my magpie eye.

3. My paddock boots and gaiters are also looking a little worn but are not ready to bite the dust just yet - but reading everyone talk about Tall Boots has me drooling over Tredstep Ireland options. I have their ProG2 gaiters and love them, I am actually sneakily hoping i can sneak into a stockist when I am back in Ireland (in two weeks) to try them on and see which ones I prefer and what size combo fits my skinny chicken legs best.

4. Neither of my girls saddles fit them nor me the best (hence the Ogilvy to tide us over while I save the pennies); I have heard very promising things about Prestige saddles & their adjustability. As the saddler I have had success with is a stockist I hope to pick his brains about their suitability for me & my girls - and hopefully splurge preferably on second hand as at the moment I cannot afford to buy two NEW saddles!

However - besides the Ogilvy and whatever I cannot walk away from IF I make it to tack stores in Ireland (I also really want to hit up the Horseware Outlet store! I needz moar rugs!) these are all long-term penny pinching purchases as I have a trip to see my sister in Canada next month & the flat is steamrolling along at scary speed so all spare pennies are being squirreled away for furniture fund!

Being an adult & finding the pocket change to buy stuff is hard...why are kids always in such a rush to grown up?!    


  1. I love that you call yourself a magpie :)

    1. Me likes shiny things...but not OTT bling, I'm still quite traditionalist & minimalist @ heart...rereading this post has me giggling at all the animal reference I managed to squeeze in!

      ... Squirreling money away
      ... Magpie eye
      ... Chicken legs &
      ... Nancy giraffe'ing around

      Time for a holiday methinks :-p

  2. I'm trying to imagine going to the Horseware Outlet Store........ um yeah, I'm totally jealous!! :)

    1. I really hope I get to go, as I've never been and they do seconds and have a "bargain" bin where horseware products that are returns or have slight imperfections (such as wrong thread colour) can be bought for cheaper prices...NBD for me. Really hoping I can get there!


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