Sunday 6 April 2014

Polishing Polework

My friend kindly snapped plenty photos of K & myself playing with poles today, sadly she missed N and my spin but we got pics yesterday and I've also 3 videos to share. One of Nancy and I yest and two of Kika and myself today.

To change things up, I started with Nancy this morning; I realised when writing yesterdays post that I typically started with Kika 9 times out of 10. I had previously mixed things up more last year but found I was struggling to connect properly with Kika after Nancy's different way of going - however thankfully there were no issues on that front today.

N & I warmed up lovely w/t/c, thankfully without our previous issues of right rein circling, which while not perfect today was markedly improved. Our sluggish left rein canter from yesterday disappeared today as N was near foot perfect in all that was asked of her.

A little btv and god knows what i'm doing...but have to share the
good with the bad so i can see what i'm doing right/wrong
There was then a gap as I left both girls tied in the cross ties with a fellow livery keeping an eye on them as I walked for 20mins with the friend who took the photos of me as she rode her horse who is coming back from injury.  Remember the photos I posted of the aqua-training a few posts back - well it worked and my friend can now ride again walking for a month.

Then it was Kika's turn for some polework, I have sung Kika's praises of late and I will adnit to being a little apprehensive as to her behaviour today as my friend had said she'd take photos so I figured it'd be typical if K & my communication broke down when we have witnesses. However I needn't have worried, she was very good as I rode her again in the flash - I shall try her a couple days during the week again without to see how it affects our right lead canter after turnout but going off today's good canter work on both leads methinks K is happier with the flash then without...I shall monitor with trial and error ;-)

Oh heels how you make me cringe

I think I'll shut up now and let the photos do the talking; as always I am super disappointed with my heels, hands and now shoulders as I see that I am leaning forward a bit too much. In saying all that I am super happy with how K went and is looking in these photos - there is still plenty of personality & spice in her which I love, thankfully we no longer butt heads like we used to so all in all I am very much enjoying riding both girls :-D

So much cringe in this photo
In admitting my disappointment with myself in these photos I am very glad to have them as I can see what still needs work yet I can also see improvement which at the end of the day keeps us plugging away. :-D

Love this photo, so much to like except heels as always

Our bad rein canter was very good today
Showing some Kika trademark spice

I grazed both girls for 15mins yesterday & 20mins earlier...hope to get 25-30mins again later this evening. I shall share those snapshots in hopefully Mute Monday post tomorrow.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, I kneed to get more impulsion from Kika's bacsside - but we're deff getting there :D

  2. Yeah video! I think you guys all look good! I think it is definitely painful to watch video of ourselves (like you said in the comment on my page the other day) because we usually already know our weaknesses and the mistakes we're making. Both of your mares are really nice!

    1. Aw thanks Jodi, we are a long way off being as lovely as you & your gorgeous dancing ponios - but as am learning right along with the horses...we will get there some day - I hope ;-)

  3. Wow! Your girls are more beautiful in video than in stills. Way to be a good pony-mom. And as Jodi says above - video is terribly painful, but soooo good for us :)
    Love all the purple you and your girls are rocking!! :)

    1. Aw you're so sweet to say such kind things. Teehee I do love me some purple, ironically all the purple we're rocking are gifts...I think I may be predictable in my tastes :-p

  4. Kika is such a fancy-pants. I have some serious Kika-envy. I even like her attitude ;)

  5. She has a bit of spark alright, she's none too fond of using her backside but she is getting better at stepping under herself and relaxing better across her steps and I hope to coax her into pushing from behind and really letting go in front.
    She is not a natural on the flat, both she and I would much rather be jumping things but until we do better on the flat we can't do mich jumping. Well that & courses get set up on Wednesdays which sadly are my busiest wotk day and mean I often can't get to yard into to avail of them *SadTimes*

  6. That's why I love videos and pictures because we can look at them and remind ourselves of what we need to work on. That's why I miss lessons. I need someone yelling at me to remind me to sit up, open my chest, LOOK UP, heels down, heavy elbows, light hands, etc. (yeah I have many bad habits hehe) It's so much to think about when I'm on my own and concentrating on a green horse lol. I think you and the girls look great! Just a few minor things to fix, but that's the fun of dressage is always progressing and learning (and relearning) new things!

    1. It is so difficult to concentrate on us when working with greenies - we've gotta keep them moving forward, fine tuning us & honing our posture etc in the saddle comes later for me...I know i should work on everything at once; but i am not a professional, horse-riding is my hobby so i am likely to make mistakes & take my time.


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