Thursday 2 May 2013

Ponies & Pooches - Photo Dump

I had considered borrowing KME's Wordless Wednesday idea to chronicle the first field outing of 2013 yesterday, but then I ended up very snap happy with way too many photos and by the time I'd get them uploaded to photobucket it would no longer have been Wednesday. So i tried to upload them all to photobucket, link HERE (hopefully that woks). I haven't use photobucket in ages and actually didn't manage to get them all uploaded as they have introduced a limited storage, boo!
I shall include some of my favourites in this post to hopefully entice you into nosying through the others ;-)

First up some post-grooming/pre-turnout mug shots of Kika, Nancy & the Guru's gorgeous mare O.

 I also finally managed to nab a nice eyeball shot (I know I'm weird - but i like them!), for some reason i can never get one of Kika as she always manages to blink just a t the wrong you'll see from the mountain of photos in the photobucket link above - i seem to have mastered the art of photographing horses as the blink! Gargh!

My poor attempt at "atry" neck shots...practice will make perfect - or so I'm told. Stay tuned I guess!

The Guru's two boys arriving - they also feature quite heavily in photobucket album dedicated to yesterday as we took them for 3 strolls during the day and had great fun snapping moments in time of them! Or at least I had fun, I think they enjoyed it too - the big posers!

Once turned out the three and other field-mate D, who longtime blog followers might recognise as a past field buddy of Kika's from 2011 (LINK to post with photos), got up to some mad running around like loopers. Although as K, N & O have received fairly continuous turnout during the winter months (Halelujah) they didn't get up to too much messing, bucking or farting. Mostly just lots of running before settling to chow down. Loads more pics in the photobucket link - lens of my camera isn't strong enough for distance shots so only going to (try to) include a select few here.

Line up! Line up!
I can attempt to look like a fancy horse ...if i want to!
Always time for some dragon snorting and tail cocking
Not to be outdone & channeling her inner Black Stallion from the films
Having had enough running - time to get down to serious chowing
O agreed
... maybe there is something to give us reason to run again ...
D wanted to keep playing as she hadn't had winter turn out
But ultimately agreed that eating was more interesting
Time to meet & greet
Not to be left out ...
Co-habiting...there is hope!

Another yard friend's OTTB, another K, who has a neighbouring field

Pooch play-time!



You're back again?!
I actually can't get over how much m ore aware Kika is of me this year, it may seem self-centered and/or selfish of me to say so. I think it has to do with my going every lunchtime to turn them out and being there every evening to feed/do stables/ sort hay etc - she watches me as i move about the grooming/tack-up area - she is considerably more human aware now then she ever was before and continually surprises me by coming to me when turned out - previously she'd turn tail and walk away if i came to bring her in - whereas now she almost leads the others in!

Another gratuitous dapple shot
Here's looking at you kid!
Shiny, healthy & hopefully happy horsey!

I spent a silly amount of time playing with my camera taking photographs of other horses around the yard, introductions shall accompany the snapshots.

R, W & D in spifffy paddock boxes - The Guru exercises W for his owner he is monster sized!
Cute P, another baby horse - he like Nancy is only 4.

Lu - although he is being sold I was told recently :(
Be - another lovely friendly young horse, i think he is 5 or 6years of age.
Lot - a lovely gentle old gal who at 22 years of age unfortunately has cushings
G - another gentle giant
and his adorable pink muzzle - he is such a sweetie and loves nothing more than licking people...couldn't snap him with his tongue out though - something to aim for perhaps! ;)
R - who lives across the aisle from Kika
Lol a baby newbie who arrived earlier this week, who owner has two other horses at the yard already
Q - another monster horse who coincidentally is also a licker

Belated apologies for the picture overload, believe it or not there are still more on the photobucket link provided above, and in fact there are more again as with the new limits on pb, i was unable to upload all the photos. Sad times! :(

I did get to ride Kika last night in the main arena and got some very nice work down by our standards, the poor girl was lathered afterwards - although i think that had more to do with humidity & threatening rainstorm (which thankfully didn't materialise) than a particularly hard workout on my part.
I had hoped to take Nancy for a hack in the woods with the Guru & O, but as it looked like spilling out of the heavens we settled on another leg stretch for the dogs and left the three girls in the winter turn out for a little longer. I know we supposedly bid it farewell on Tuesday, but we hadn't wanted the three to scoff too much fresh hay and risk upsetting their delicate tum-tums, so we left them on the summer turn out from 11 till about 3.30ish, then brought them to the shaded winter turnout area without hay so that they could move around and digest rather then standing in their stables stuffing themselves with hay.

And for my last photo before i sign off from this epic update is one of my favourites for two reasons;
(a) i have both girls together looking happy and (b) they actually came up to me in the field ensemble!

I would very much love to make it a banner photo for the top of my blog, but I am a bit of a technophobe and have no idea how to even go about doing such a thing!
If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated! :)

PS: I have done no editing of any of the images due to above mentioned technophobia (in that i have a fear of messing things up rather than actually having a fear of technology, lol)


  1. Wow look at that herd of lively creatures!

    1. It was so much fun spending the day at the yard on Wednesday snapping photos away without a care in the world!
      Wish every day could be like that!

  2. G is freaking adorable. Look at that nose!!! Also what kind of dogs are those?

    Here is a link to a version that I cropped that should be more banner friendly. It is pretty simple to add a banner. You go to your dashboard on the left there is a tab or link for layout. Then you should have an area that says banner and a window will pop up and you can upload an image. Hope that helps. You might be able to find a tutorial online :)


      Have saved the re-sized photo to my pc and shall add it to my pb so that it doesn't eat your available memory space.
      Shall have to see if I can set myself up with the banner you have so kindly provided, you're a star!

      G is a huge pet, in fact W the mahoosive chestnut is another gentle giant who is fond of licking - weird!
      The dogs are bearded collies, two lovely creatures!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, I'm no whiz with the camera and have no where near your skill for capturing things on "film" - but I do love snapping & indeed looking at photos!

  4. Some really beautiful shots of some really beautiful horses!

  5. I miss my beardies :( but I've said I won't have any more, I'm no good at looking after their coats.
    Great photos - be careful, this will turn into a photographic blog before you know it! My "Equestrian Provencal Adventure" blog was degenerating into a flower blog just because they're so pretty at the moment and I was taking so many cool shots... have hauled myself back from the brink, though, phew.
    Re your comment about Kika bonding with you more, you are not being self-centred at all in saying it, you have indeed become an Important Person in her life. It's a lovely feeling!!

    1. Aw thanks hun, it's only taken us 5 years to reach a closer bond with Kika - but it has been worth the wait! She was never cold, just indifferent I'd say. It's lovely to feel like we have more of a connection now though!

      The beardies are fab and such a joy to see every day, but I don't think i could handle the upkeep! They are lovely hairy beggars!

  6. I am *SO* jealous of her dapples!!!! gorgeous photos!

  7. I'm super late on this, but I just found your blog. Lol!! If you want me to, I can make any image you want as long as it is large enough into a header and edit it. :) you can check out my blog to see some my own header that I edited and I recently made one for a fellow horse blogger. PS: I LOVE THOSE DAPPLES!
    If you want me to do it, you can let me know on my blog or shoot me an email at way is good. :)
    Kalin from


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