Monday 13 May 2013

Super Sunday

I know the Olympics had Super Saturday for Team GB & in the USA there are often sporting events deemed Super Sunday surrounding football games or baseball or something...and actually come to think of it I think I have heart soccer & rugby union marathons described in much the same manner this side of the Atlantic - while not on a sporting par with such events my Sunday yesterday was wonderful in it's own right.

I had two wonderful polework sessions with my girls - yes both of them. I made my return to Nancy's back in an arena yesterday and it was the calmest ride we've shared in an arena in what seems like ages.
The Guru has put a few rides in on her in an arena and although Nancy tries her speeding up/running thing with her too she doesn't clamp down in the way my brain seems to auto-react and so N has had some positive arena work as opposed to my negativity.
We have also come to the conclusion that her rushing can be attributed to poor balance so are upping the pessoa lunge work we are doing with her, I am hoping to squeeze 2 sessions a week with her in the pessoa. I did my first session with her last wednesday & she was wonderful - lovely calm transitions upwards and as is becoming her thing a little sticky/slow to transition back down - but we are getting there. :D

For Kika's pole work we worked in a couple flying changes over a ground pole across the middle of the arena which she performed despite my bobbing about like a muppet. I really need to sort my legs out better and makes sure they are in the right place before asking for a change as otherwise I am just confusing matters. I must also actively work on keeping my heels down - still!
When will I get the hang of that one I wonder?!
Don't panic though, I shall not be attempting flying changes without supervision - or at least not until I am in enough control of my body to know that what I am asking of Kika is the correct way to ask and that my limbs are where they should be!

I did attempt to plait Nancy's mane myself yesterday, and if i may say so myself it doesn't look half bad! Admittedly she has a handsome amount of mane which makes it easier to work with, plus she stands stock still like the angel she is!

For those that were enquiring as to how it's done it is like a French plait (like what is done in tails) but on the mane. I'll see if i can take pics next time I try it, I only got "after" photos on my phone this time - but I make no promises - as if I am plaiting i don't know if i'll have a hand to take the photos with ;-)

I had hoped to get to the barn this evening to lunge Nancy & ride Kika, but I was ill this morning and as such out of work so best i steer clear of the yard tonight, especially as it has been a pretty wet day today so I doubt the girls would be too happy to see me coming now that they are living outside 24/7!

D & Kika scratching an itch - heartwarming stuff! :)


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    1. Thanks, had a play with Kika's mane when i was bored last night - I did snap a few snaps, so shall include them in todays post. :D

  2. ^ I agree, nice plait! I too still have to work on my seat balance/ heels down, every ride, and don't horses let you know it! I know if I am making progress, so are you, sometimes its just subtle and we can't feel/ see it, but if you are having good rides, then likely you are improving :)

    1. You are right KK, every day that we finish a spin happy is a good day and sure if we didn't have things to work on and improve it wouldn't be worth doing!

  3. I love the pessoa system! great way to teach them without us being up there messing everything up :) great way to build up their muscle too. I think Wiz needs some more work in it! and the best thing I've found for heels in shortening up your stirrups and doing two point. although in dressage I was always under the impression your foot basically lays flat against the stirrupbarr, but maybe I'm wrong? ? good luck! horses are gorgeous as always

    1. That is exactly the way I view the pessoa training aid as well! It helps the horse figure out for themselves what is being asked of them without me im-balancing them further & intervening and it helps them develop muscles in the right places! With Nancy's friesian breeding I am going to have to be extra careful that the breed's tendency to carry their heads higher doesn't result in the wrong musculature for the work we're hoping to achieve together. :)

      I can't comment on dressage foot position vs other disciplines positioning of the foot in the stirrup, as I am not particularly well versed in any of them. But from watching top riders & competitions my opinion would similar to yours, their feet always seem to be flat against the stirrup. I still need to get my heels down though as i like trial riding & jumping, so needs-must as balance is integral for those pursuits - don3t want to come acrupper and find my feet stuck in the irons! eee!

  4. Nice braid. The mares are lovely as always.


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