Wednesday 22 January 2014

Down in the Dumps

Apologies in advance for what is probably going to be a whiney/self-indulgeant post.
My Tuesday evening spin with Kika went quite pear-shaped which is unfortunate as we had been getting on great of late.

Kika was less than impressed with my impromptu photos
I was then berating myself & my incapabilities; that to have lunged Nancy afterwards would have been a pointless excercise as she is not the best on the lunge so it ends up being a needlessly stressy experience for us rather than upset the apple cart further for the evening I gave her the night off, in the hopes that she wouldn't be affected by my negative ninny energy.

Google Image

A couple of places where I think I went wrong:
- I am bent as an S-hook in the saddle on our bad rein which doesn't help matters at all save to frustrate us both
- I am trying to change my whole MO when riding as apparently I have been doing it wrong for years
  •  which is so disheartening to hear & I am finding it quite difficult to correct as I am now second guessing my first instinct
- Kika will rarely help me out by offering what she knows I am trying to ask for if it means more/proper work required from her. 
I finally remembered to snap K in her quarter sheet

I am well aware that I have many holes in my eq-cation. I learned the basics of walk/trot/canter/jumping but never properly learned the nitty-gritty of riding properly, working the horse correctly or having good eq. My hands are awful and most of the time I can't even keep my heels down - what I need is lessons on a school-master and to be brought back to basics, neither of which is currently available to me funds or time-wise sadly. So shall plug away with my horses & the Guru and hope I can regain some semblance of control over myself!

The evening was then topped off when Nancy got a fright and jumped down on my foot - she's not too light...shall see whether I still have a toenail in the coming days ;-)
Somehow her frying-pan sized feet managed to simultaneously clobber the tip of my toe & my ankle-joint (where my leg meets my foot) - shall monitor bruising & share photos if impressive LOL!

I feel terrible being such a Debbie Downer when I actually have it so good. I am healthy (bar the toe/foot), I have two wonderful kind & healthy horses and great barn (and other) friends who are there to help pick me up from my mental bashing and coach me along to help me get better. Others are not so lucky as me between injuries and other less pleasant things - I really have nothing to be so negative about & feel very bad for moaning!

I need to suck it up, brush myself off and keep trying - hopefully one day I'll get there.

Another Google Images gem
The plan (drafted yesterday!) For this evening's eq-ventures has possibly changed pending my escape time from work & arena availability. All going well on both those fronts, Kika and I may get a well needed change of scenery with some pole work...fingers crossed! Nancy will still get some Guru schooling, not sure if she too will get to play over poles or not. Whatever the outcome it deff cannot hurt any of us.

PS: Spent my commutes yesterday catching up on Carrot Top's blog & love all her gif'ing (yes I have now made that a word!) - hence the slightly random images in this post I guess, ;)
If you haven't checked out her blog before, you are missing out - her posts are awesomely funny with unique handrawn re-enactments of hers & her horses adventures + cool use of gifs!
It is a super fun read & should deff not be missed!


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself! I know that's easier said than done but you are miles ahead of some people... You actually WANT to learn.

    As for the toe... Hue stepped on my foot almost 2 years ago and wow did that hurt. I actually had to go to the dr that day and have my nail removed( will spare gross details). Luckily it grew back! I am much more aware of where my feet are now!

    1. You're too kind H, if only desire to learn/improve could positively influence ones ability to do so!

      Ouch on the docs need to remove your toenail, I'm usually good at keeping my feet out of the way but she caught me by surprise yesterday (and herself as she got a fright). Wasn't as bad as I'd feared today though, managed to spend the work day (+ an hour overtime) in my heeled booties & was able to do my things are far from doc removal for the moment ;-)

  2. I love the applecart image, and yes, getting down on yourself is fine for a while but then you gotta pull yourself out of the slump. You can learn a lot by watching others, so if you can't afford to take lessons right now, watching good clinic videos is better than nothing right!

    1. Had to air my grievances with myself on here so that I can address them & hopefully get on track towards improvement :-)
      Thanks for tip about watching clinic videos, never thought of doing that!
      Any clinicians I should start with?

  3. You don't have to apologize for complaining... that's sort of what our blogs are about at times. We have to express our feelings and get it out of our system. We're lucky that we have a bunch of understanding blog friends who can help get us back on track with their awesome pep talks. :) I totally feel you on the needing lessons on schoolmasters, but not having the money and/or not having a schoolmaster available... it's a total bummer. Life would be so much easier if we could learn this stuff first and then teach it to our baby horses lol. I do have to agree with L.Williams. I learn a LOT from auditing clinics, watching friend's have lessons and watching online videos. It helps me with visualizing everything I need to do, so I can get all of the mental homework done and then just try to apply the physical aspect later when I'm riding. Sometimes it's not always easy to switch the mental understanding into the physical application, but heck it can't hurt lol!! I'm glad your foot wasn't too bad hurt and not broken thank goodness!!

    1. Thanks pet, shall check out clinics online and see of I can gleam stuff from them to apply to myself & my girls :-D


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