Friday 24 January 2014

Friday Flashback I

I would like to make this a regular feature on my blog pending this inaugural post's reception. Aka if you like it; please leave a comment ;-)

Possibly my first equine encounter?! Sadly photo isn't dated, but my sis wasn't born yet so i'm going for '86-'87
The idea behind this feature, besides the fun eliteration the title allows me, is the ability to share a bit more background knowledge about my "horsey" life. Although I was a latecomer to horse ownership I am lucky to have been born into a "horsey" family - although not necessarily my immediate family, however my mother & sisters can all ride and my dad likes to remind us of the "horsey" slants to his family tree also...I hope to elaborate on all these connections as this FF feature blossoms...all going well.
Concrete proof my mother only has herself to blame for my eq-diction
Each week will feature one or more photos with tidbits of background information depending on what I can remember and/or get people that were there to help me fill in the gaps. :-)

Further proof of the role she played in equine journey

Random Rambling Alert
(Touché not much different to what I normally write)
I caught the tail end of the tv-segment Riders Club on Eurosport Wednesday evening when I got in late from work & didn't make it to the yard #LeSadTimes
LINK to photosource & Article

Congratulations to Zara Phillips & Mike Tindall on the birthday of their daughter (adorably named Mia Grace) earlier in the week ... talk-about a power-couple; sod Brangelina these two combine 2 of my favourite past-times to watch: Horses (obvs) & Rugby...although being Irish - patriotism makes it difficult for me to like English teams/players

LINK to H&C Article
Also congrats extended from Pampered-Ponies to Team GB London Olympic Gold medalist Laura Tomlinson (neé Bechtolsheimer) & her husband who announced they are expecting their first baby later this year.

Baby boom has hit EQ-land!

Completely unrelated to the rest of this post, but please cross fingers & toes for the Guru & her horse O who have an appointment at a vet Clinic in Belgium today to try and suss out why the mare has been so on/off lame for the past year & a half/two years.
She has been diagnosed with navicular,  but how bad is it? What are the treatment options/injections? Is it the hereditary type or could L breed from her? Would the mare be more comfortable retired?
So many questions that I hope she gets answers to!

Fingers crossed this Happy Healthy Horse returns!

PS: Belatedly edited to add (cos i'm a muppet and forgot this when i posted this morning); the rider in the first picture is my mam's youngest brother & the other two photos are my mother holding me as a baby and were taken at her family's home place. This farm features predominantly in my obsession with horses! It is also where Kika lived when we were in Ireland (after i bought her from her breeder) and where Nancy was born & lived until i meanly brought her out here to join Kika & myself.

PPS: I vehemently do not condone riding without a helmet - nor does my mother for that matter - what can i say the 80s were a diff time i guess. Ask calvin Harris about things being acceptible in the 80s (or at least i think that is who released that song...but please correct me if i am wrong)


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    1. Thanks L, I hope to have many more to share through this (hopefully) weekly feature.

      With such an early start in the saddle you think I'd be better than I am LOL

  2. I love this weekly idea! I LOVE the old pictures. What a gorgeous gray horse! Both of them are actually. I didn't ride until I was five and I have no pictures from back then. :( In fact I don't think I have pictures of me on a horse until I was around fourteen I don't think!! So I love seeing these pictures of you as a baby!


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