Thursday 16 January 2014

Salon du Cheval - Paris Report + Photos

On the 5th of December the Guru & I had a very early start - the TGV train left Luxembourg at 6.10am to arrive in Paris shortly after 8am. The amazingly generous @EquestrianTrend (you should all check out her fab blog - although it should come with a shopping warning...she finds & shares the coolest products!) offered me two free passes to the Salon de Cheval in Paris!
O-M-G right?!

I shall hopefully keep this post word-light & photo heavy. It was an amazing day trip, as we caught the 19.40 train back to Luxembourg - we were home for 10pm.
Talk about Legendary!!!

I snapped a few interesting trade stands that caught my eye of products I hadn't heard of before in case the super kind @EquestrianTrend was looking for inspiration

There were also plenty crazy boot options on display!

These were in a revolving glass case

While on the subject of boots - I also came across this funky product to protect your boots made from rubber. I didn't go up to the stand, but it would seem you slip them on over your boots to protect the soles from mud/dirt/water/dust ... etc

I also had a proper fangirl/drool-moment over this stand...@Hillary I am super jealous of your latest splurge

There were also lots of little arenas set up where people were putting on stock displays, Studs/breeders & Riding schools/Professionals were showing off their horses many of which were for sale - so many cuties, the Guru & I were really tempted by the Arabo-Friesian weanlings!

A lovely 6yr old Frisiean mare - apologies for blurry camera phone photo

The adorable Arabo-Friesian weanlings
Right is the filly I was after, the Guru prefered the colt on the Left
Cool as cucmbers chillin out in the middle of the massive Expo Hall

There were also National & Amateur Jumping & Dressage competitions being held in the middle of all this - snapped on panoramic shot from the stands between dressage riders while we scoffed our lunch.

Panoramic shot - click to enlarge for full effect
I also have 3 little videos; one of the two Arabo-Friesian weanlings literaly floating - oh my what a step & two of really cool voltige horses & riders from an extreemly talented group - we only caught the tail end of their display, but they were fab & fun. Really got the crowd going...hopefully I can get the videos uploaded onto youtube & add them to this blog post tomorrow from work...shhh don't tell the boss ;-)

The first video is ready, check out the awesome floaty-ness. The filly (who was my fav) is on the inside with the red flower in her mane.

I did make some purchases: three pairs of reins & two bits - so far I have actually only used one of each - and completely forgotten to take photos *le-shame*. Will see if I can remember to remedy that!

I cannot thank @EquestrianTrend enough for her unbelievable generosity, I'd never have thought of making the day-trip, although it is obviously extreemly do-able, only for her so kindly offering me the tickets. The Guru & I are now infact considering returning to Paris for a day/overnight for the Saut Hermes in March...I must actually get to thinking about that and see if there are tickets available & cost it out etc!
The Sunday of the Salon du Cheval is actually the Gucci Paris Masters - who knows maybe next year we'll head down on the Sunday for a gawk....

In actual horsey news, both girls got their annual vaccines this evening so they shall have two days off work completely and be re-introduced to some light work on Sunday all going well. Vet had been out yesterday to other horses on the yard as apparently there is a cough doing the rounds - but fingers crossed the combination of fresh air & not being in the stable 24/7 will help my girls steer clear of infection!
B (my vet) did say that while at the yard yesterday, she saw the Guru schooling Nancy and complimented us on how well she has muscled up & in the right way - can't hear nice things like that often enough.


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    1. Sorry it's so late, if I go back next year I'll try to get better pictures ;-)

  2. So cool! I bet it was a ton of fun. The Arabo-fresians were beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I sure thought so, if I could've put the filly in my pocket I would have! ;-)
      Thank you fpr your kind comments!

  3. Looks like so much fun, and yeah for vet compliments!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Next year we MUST go and meet each other! :D

    1. No, thank you for sharing! You're too generous by far!
      I'd love to go back next year and see the Gucci Masters on the Sunday :-)

  5. Awwww I want one of those Arabo Friesian weanlings too! It looks like you had so much fun. Thanks for sharing the videos and pictures. :D

    1. We'll just have to keep our eyes peeled and source so more Friesian crosses for ourselves, ;)


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