Friday 31 January 2014

Friday Flashback II

I'm not sure how well the first installment of this feature was received or whether comments are down due to the url name change & people no longer finding their way here.
Hopefully it is the latter case and people will find their way back sooner rather than later & perhaps I might get to spend more time in the saddle and actually give you guys something to read ;-)

Anyways no more waffle from me - here are today's Friday Flashback photos of what could have been my first pony back in '88/'89. Sadly not meant to be as my dad got a job offer in Luxembourg and the whole family moved at the end of 1989 and I had to wait until a few months after my 21st birthday when I moved back to Ireland to finish my degree after a year abroad to meet Kika in 2007.

Again no helmet -  I have no excuse other than I don't know what my parents were thinking
However I did own a helmet in & around that time as evidenced from the below...

Proof of helmet
And just for funsies, here's another gratuitous early riding pic, sadly again no dates on this pic but I reckon it was taken before the ones above. I look a lot smaller...although then again the pony is larger than a shetland...

Yes - a helmet...but no hands or stirrups, lol, pity I didn't turn into a horse-riding prodigy
All these images are mobile phone pictures of printed pictures...apologies for any loss of quality!

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