Tuesday 21 January 2014

Plan of Attack for the Week (PoAftW)

I'm such a muppet, the whole point of yesterday's post was to lay out my plan for the week & I forgot!  *blush*

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Anyway, here goes:

Monday - Guru schools Kika / I rode Nancy
Tuesday - Ride Kika / Lunge Nancy
Wednesday - Guru schools Nancy / I lunge Kika
Thursday - Farrier due / down day for girls
Friday - Ride both girls
Saturday - Ride both girls
Sunday - Lesson on one or both girls

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Hope to lay out a plan like this for myself each week, hopefully next week I remember to include it in Sunday/Monday post!


  1. I hope your week follows the plan!

    1. It sort of already weny off track this evening and may do so again tomorrow evening *blush*
      Have half an updated drafted to share tomorrow ;-)


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