Thursday 23 January 2014


Sadly my PoAftW  changed due to workload yesterday I didn't make it to the barn last night!

I LOVE the BBT - Hopefully Sheldon is wrong on this occasion though ;-)

What the plan was supposed to look like for the week:

"Monday - Guru schools Kika / I rode Nancy
Tuesday - Ride Kika / Lunge Nancy
Wednesday - Guru schools Nancy / I lunge Kika
Thursday - Farrier due / down day for girls
Friday - Ride both girls
Saturday - Ride both girls
Sunday - Lesson on one or both girls"

What it is now looking like:

- Nancy not lunged Tuesday
- Neither worked Wednesday
- Farrier + planned day off Thursday (hopefully goes to plan)
- Friday will be lunging day for the pair of them
- Saturday pole work day for change of pace for them & me
- Sunday lesson with Guru or flatwork day...hopefully better for changes in scheduling ;-)

Also think I should mention that I changed the url for my case anyone was having difficulty finding me - please spread the word!
I changed my blog address from lyssatra.blogspot to pampered-ponies.blogspot; as Lyssatra is Kika's registered name & I wanted to include Nancy in the me sappy & sentimental and I'll wear those badges with pride when it comes to my girls as I want them both to get equal recognition & blogtime.

In actual pony news today, I did manage to make my lunchtime-mad-dash-on-public-transport-across-town to turn the girls out. My worries about the farrier not being finished in time for me to be able to turn the little darlings out for the afternoon (which would have sucked with my not being able to get to the barn tonight if they'd had to spend the day inside!) proved unfounded as he was just finished with Kika when I arrived. Sadly for him he had to contend with my broken & very poor German as i asked if they were good & their feet were ok - thankfully all seems well! *happy dance*
Took two quick snaps of the girlies feet for memorabilia sake cos as we've already established...I'm a sentimental sap!

Kika 2-front & 1 sneaky hind

Nancy 2-front & 2-hinds'ish

If i understood correctly with my poor German, he said all 6 barefeet were fine - 4x for Nancy & 2x hinds for Kika. He said that he made Kika's feet a little smaller however that it shouldn't cause a problem for arena work, but that she might be a little ouchy if too much work done too quickly outside of arenas or on I have no such plans, this is a non-issue for us. :)


  1. So, Spanish is spoken here a lot, right? I don't speak it. I can butcher a few phrases, but that's mostly in regards to nacho frijoles or cervasas. Anyways, the handyman at our first barn spoke solely Spanish. Our main conversation was him saying, "Archie es loco!" and me replying, "Si!" I couldn't imagine trying to get details from a farrier in a different language!

    1. It was actually my first time meeting the farrier for this very reason...well my poor German & the fact he comes during the day while I am at work! The other two girls whose horses are on the same shoeing cycle as mine both speak German sin problemas (tengo un poquito español tambien) - so normally communicating with him ist kein problem!
      He seems like a nice chatty chap, unfortunately though for him I can understand better than i can talk - so while i knew what he was saying he didn't quite get the convo he was probably hoping for out of me - woopsy!

  2. OH! And what I really meant to comment on: even with the address change, your blog stayed in my feedly list, but did not update on my blogroll. Random!

    1. That is weird...maybe it will just be slow to update ... like Simply Horse Crazy who registered her blog-name as a domain name.
      If issue persists, perhaps people will have to "un-follow me" to "re-follow me"...hopefully that makes sense and I don't start loosing people who've been looking for a way out of all my drivel but were too polite to leave before, ;)

  3. Same with me, updated in my feedly!

    1. Please excuse my Techie-incapabilities...but does that mean it dis or didn't update when I changed url?

    2. It did update in my feedly when you changed your url. Unsure of my Blogroll on my page because I rarely check that.

    3. Ok cool thanks for the info, :)

  4. This is why mine isn't updating! I was confused at first because when I tried to look at your blog from my blog reader it said your blog didn't exist, so I brought your blog up through one of the comments on mine and tried to add the new url to my reader and it won't accept it for some reason! I will keep trying though. I may be able to find a different RSS converter that will give me something that my reader will accept. Until then I'll just manually check yours hehe.

    P,S. Your blog is NOT boring drivel hehe. :D

    1. Aw HUGS!
      I hope blogger plays nice today after some sleep & will let you re-save the address. :)


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