Saturday 18 January 2014

Saturday Stills

I have some media to share as the girls enjoy their 2 (3) days holiday post annual vaccines, so no new riding news from us.

I am walking a friends OTTB gelding for 10mins twice a day this weekend and next as she is off sunning herself in Florida for a week for her husbands birthday (lucky buggars). Her poor OTTB did himself a tendon injury a month or so back and so has to walk for 6 months :-(

Neither Nancy or Kika got turned out Thursday nor Friday so I thought they'd be Cray-Cray today when let loose, but the video above is as mental as they got. Fast forward 0.50ish seconds for the most explosive action offered, other than that it's just the girls getting down & dirty (rolling).

Kika sniffing out the electric fencing - always on the look out for a weakness

Please send thoughts and prayers to sprinklerbandits who had to make the very heartbreaking brave yet tough decision to PTS her Heart Horse Cuna. My heart aches for her following this very hard decision, I hope that should the time come for me to make such a call for an animal in my life that I can handle it with the care & grace she did.

Don't forget to hug your horse as often as you can - I'm off to do just that with mine...after cleaning their stables and setting everything up nice & cozy for the spoiled creatures!


  1. Kika looking for weaknesses in the fence cracks me up. Such a trouble maker! Her and Dakota must be distantly related. He's not a horse to pass up an opportunity!

    1. Troublemaker indeed, I haven't had a call to say anyone is out so so far so good on the fencing front ;-)

  2. Kika is cute, even if she is a troublemaker! :)

    1. She's a hellraising hooligan @ heart ;-)
      Gotta love her though - cheeky monkey!


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