Monday 28 January 2013

Weekend Round Up

I had a great weekend despite my backside not sitting in a saddle! 

Nancy & L's horse O saying Hello
 PS: In case it looks like we keep our horses with pallets etc, we don't the pallet is protecting our hay bales in separate area, there is fencing between the horses, trees & hay storage.

I had a lovely spin on Friday evening on Kika while L had her first spin on Nancy. Poor N was tired though so we then decided to give her the weekend off to chill out in the turnout area for the whole day on Saturday, then she got out again Sunday morning but the main woman (Kika) earned a spell in the field for the afternoon so N had some box time - followed by some human bonding time as I groomed her last night. 

Saturday & Sunday Kika got put through her paces as L rode her in the stage with a German dressage teacher, see warm up pictures from Saturday (yellow) and Sunday (blue) - all the lovely matchy-matchy gear does not belong to me unfortunately, but I have to admit that I think (in my completely unbiased opinion, of course!) that Kika looked lovely in both colours! 
Videos were made of both days of the training clinic, but shall be getting their own separate posts. This post is all about the few photographs I snapped of the warm up prior to the teaching at the weekend. 

I hope to get the videos sorted for posts in the coming days, for comparisons sake I also have the videos made at the previous stage back in early November. I hasten to add that Kika was very naughty on the first day of the stage in November and unfortunately that is the only day that got video'd - so please don't judge her too harshly off that evidence when I get it uploaded.

Relaxed warm up

She was an absolute star for both days this weekend, continuing nicely in the vein of good behaviour she has been in since her last "woopsy" back at the November stage. She did get a bit upset towards the end of Sundays session yesterday, however that was fatigue more so than boldness/naughtiness - so we can forgive her as she did try her socks off!

Kika has earned a day off today and shall spend the afternoon in the turnout area with her buddy O, thankfully temps are rising here and I shouldn't have a problem getting both girls out to the field at lunchtime. Nancy will be staying in today, and hopefully getting an introduction to some lunge work in the pessoa this evening before two days of ridden work as saddle fitter is coming for her on Wednesday evening.
L asked if she could ride Kika again Tuesday to go over the lessons they learned at the weekend and she asked if she could jump her on Wednesday as she has the day off and Weds are jumping days at the yard. I am only too happy to allow them work together as poor L has had a tough couple of months battling lameness in her mare and hasn't managed to log much saddle time on her between one thing and another - considering all she has done and continues to do to help me with Kika (and now Nancy) - I am only too happy to have her ride Kika whenever she wants!

That's it for today and our plans for the start of the week, videos to follow hopefully first installment will be ready this evening!


  1. Very cool! Glad that Kika was a good girl for the sessions.

    1. She was a very good girl, I was one proud Mammy and to see L smile at the end of both sessions made it all worthwhile for me.
      I hope to get the videos up this evening, so everyone can see for themselves. :D

  2. How cool to have L to help work your girls, its works so well for both of you. Glad Kika was a good girl, looking forward to videos :)

  3. Great to hear how well Kika is getting on, and how well behaved she was for both sessions :) Aw I love Kika in blue, I remember you had her all decked out in blue before and it was lovely, as is the yellow, but I have a soft spot for Miss K in blue :)


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