Thursday 17 January 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Apologies in advance that there are no pictures today. On the plus side there is also (hopefully) going to be less writing as not much to report from last night!
I gave the new girl a bit of a lunge in the smallest arena with a surcingle on. Canter needs a lot of work on the lunge and she's an awful habit of looking out when going on one rein over the other - but all things we can work to fix with some consistent lunge work. She was already doing better after a couple of rounds at walk & trot, her canter was way too imbalanced and rushed to do more than one circle on each rein to see what we had to work with - but the arena was possibly a bit on the small side anyway, particularly when she's not used to working on the lunge and rushed the canter...

Plenty to work on in any case. :)

I hope to ride Kika this evening after her couple of days break following her vaccines on Monday, just some easy work to get us both back into the swing of things. I'm really looking forward to it as she has been such a sweetheart under saddle and to handle of late.

I hope to try saddles on Nancy and see if we can possibly get some time in the saddle over the weekend - the longer we wait the more difficult it will be to get everything going again, plus the more time there will be for any nerves to raise their evil little heads within my brain ;)

Speaking of heads Nancy's is rather on the large side, I had to let Kika's bridle down 3 holes for it to fit the 'wee' Kika's head is possibly closer to cob size then full horse, but N has a pretty sizable head too - so going to coble together a bridle for her from bits of Kika's old bridle...must give it a polish first as haven't used it in over a year!
Plus I have another bridle that I picked up for peanuts at a car boot sale shortly after I moved out here, tried that one on Nancy last night and there weren't enough holes to let it down to be able to put a bit on it, nor space to add more holes to make it longer - woopsy, hahaha

The adventures begin! ;)


  1. This just means you get to add more stuff to your collection :))

    1. That's all I need is more horsey stuff, ;)
      I already have the use of two lockers for Kika's gear and have gotten a separate one for's hoping I can keep her stuff to one locker as I have to pay an extra tenner a month for Kika's second storage locker!
      Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but still an expense I almost wish i didn't have to make - but we have just amassed so much stuff!
      Must tidy them all up actually and see exactly what I use and take home the stuff I don't!

  2. Wow she must have a pretty big head. The canter will come with time - glad your lunging session went well.


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