Wednesday 26 June 2013

Another Award

Huge thank you to K @ Kiss Me, I'm Irish for nominating me for another Liebster award.
My answers to her questions can be found below!

Thanks to The Guru - I have a photo of me & my two girls!
Picture taken last week before we left yard.
  1. What is the most embarrassing/funny thing that has ever happened to you? Gosh, I am often saying/doing the wrong thing for minor embarassing moments - but I don't have one stand-out most embarrassing thing that has happened to me. I'm afraid my life is pretty boring...well either that or my awful memory is acting up and I just can't think of anything - that is actually the most likely answer, lol!
  2. If you could have any horse in the world, which one would you choose? Have to be predictable and say that I wouldn't trade either of the ones I have - may change my mind many times, lol, but as of this moment in time I wouldn't trade them for the "best" horse in the world.
  3. What is your favorite book? I cannot pick one book above all else I'm afraid. I love series of books, my favourites probably being Harry Potter (lends to my age I guess, lol) and I really enjoyed Game of Thrones although there were so many times I wanted to throw the books out the window for killing off so many characters! I'm actually relieved that the last two books aren't ready yet as I got kind of burned out reading the books and not knowing who was going to be bumped off next! :p I am reading the Time Traveller's Wife right now and really enjoying it! Resenting work cutting into my reading, I'm really time enjoying it, lol!
  4. If you ever decided to become a working student for a professional rider, who would you most want to work for and why? MARY KING - she is a legend! Or Zara Philips to hope to meet Harry & become a princess...hahaha! I'd deff go with an eventer to get a good grounding in all disciplines!
  5. If you were stranded alone on an island and could only take three things with you, what would they be? Private plane, pilot & GPS to get out of there once I'd had my fill of sunbathing & alone time. :)
  6. If you were a super hero, what would you choose as your super awesome B.A. name? I answered a previous Liebster award question whereby I'd want teleporting as a superpower - no idea on a superhero name though - going to go for something short and sweet and completely unrelated - Xenia
  7. What is your favorite sports team? MUNSTER (Irish rugby team & all around legends of the game)
  8. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I went through many phases, at one stage I wanted to work as a supermarket checkout person cos I thought scanning stuff was awesome - my forever dream was to be a riding instructor and work with horses all the time - but then I grew up and realised i wasn't overly fond of kids, lol. I love my current job which gives me the moolah to keep my geegees - plus the work is interesting and the people are great!
  9. What do/would you say to people who claim that riding isn't a sport? I tell them to try it and then tell me what muscles don't hurt and which ones did they not know existed before their spin on horseback ;-)
  10. What is your favorite board game? Monopoly - hands down was always my favourite go-to board game. We also have a few Irish themed board games at home, which my dad cleverly employed to help us learn about our heritage & history growing up abroad. I can't remember the names of them all, but one was called Discover Ireland which really helped us learn the layout of the island - actually now that i think of it, lol, our Monopoly was also an Irish about indoctrination! :p
  11. Which celebrity would you want to star as you in a movie of your life? Anne Hathaway - don't know why, but now that I've had a quick think about it I think she'd be cool - although my life will never be interesting enough to be made into a movie lol!
As for actual horsey-news from me, I'm afraid I have nothing new to report, sorry!
I haven't seen my girls since Sunday, I won free tickets on the radio to go see Tegan & Sara on Monday night, they were amazing - love their unique voices & sound.
And last night a colleague had a retirement party & the systems went down at work just before home-time, so I had to go to party for a bit then back to my desk to sort out work before I could go home as I knew the system was to be undergoing maintenance this morning and wouldn't be working until supposedly 9am this morning, however going on last week it'll probably be after I wanted to get what I could done last night when the system came back up.

Hoping to get out for a spin this evening! Cross your fingers that I manage! :p


  1. I'm behind the times but I nominated you too :)

    1. Wow, thanks so much Allie - shall check out your post and answer your questions in my next post.

  2. haha the super market check out person is cracking me up!

    1. I still think it'd be a cool job, pity it doesn't pay better...not a 2 pony keeping salary unfortunately.

  3. Haha you were quite the dreamer as a kid.. I will admit that I found the barcode scanners pretty fascinating! Hope you got out to see the girls tonight :)

    1. Lol, didn't dream big but kept things varied, eh? ;-)


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