Saturday 15 June 2013

How it should be!

Today was such a great day - all Saturdays should be like this...but in all honesty if they were we wouldn't appreciate them half as much! ;-P

Prob a bit far away for my poor phone "zoom" - but they were so cute I had to snap & share!
Taken Friday 14/6/2013
I got to the yard this morning at 10am as my friend's farrier was coming for her horse and he had kindly agreed to put Nancy's shoe back on! *Happy Dance*
She stood good as gold to have it replaced and won over another person in the process! I popped her back in a stable, while I rode Kika, with some hay & muesli to try pile back on the pounds she keeps losing after it rains! :-(
I contacted my vet to see if she can come take bloodtests for my girls, so I hope she will be out during the week.

Tango Time
Taken today 15/6/2013
Kika was a super star again today in the main arena, I LOVE the full length mirrors! We had the place to ourselves up until the last 10 minutes or so of our session. It wasn't long since the arena had been watered, but unfortunately the water seemed to have fallen predominantly in two strips just inside the "track" around the edge of the arena and made it quite sticky in one corner in particular - however it also gave me some of tram-lines/further guidelines within which to keep Kika - which was fun. :-)
We worked on walk & trot to warm up, aiming for the lovely relaxed trot we had to finish up on Wednesday...didn't quite get it at the start, however we did have some very nice trot work and transitions which kept me happy. What really made me happy was our canter work, where she was just a dream and it all just felt so good. We did have a bit of trouble with getting the correct lead when striking off from walk on our "bad" rein, but as we had been working for a good 30minutes at that stage it didn't worry me too much so asked her from trot, got it and then back to walk and asked again and we nailed it - so I was very happy.

N starting to look better again - here's hoping rain stays away and she can recover more of the lost weight!
Taken 15/6/2013
I quickly fed Kika, put Nancy back out in the field, tidied everything away and putting Kika back out also, before pegging it home to quickly change and shower as it was very close & sticky today to be back at the yard for 2.30 (it was 2pm when I was leaving to go home) as I was going to watch a big (for Luxembourg) SJ competition with friends. LINK
Spent a couple of hours there chatting and watching the SJ - great fun!

Got back home, changed again and back to the yard to take Nancy on our first SOLO stroll in the woods - just the two of us! I wasn't sure how we'd get on, so told two people as I was leaving the yard to send out the search party if I wasn't back by 9pm and off we pootled!

She was a LEGEND!

To be fair I shouldn't have doubted her - but she is still so young, really only turned four last week, but walked away like a great girl only looking at the first load of cut trees that we hadn't crossed before but then motored on passed all the others as if she was an old hand at passing them! We also had one spook, when 2 birds flew up into the sky from beside us - but even then, bless her, she had a bit of a shiver/jump and then plodded on about her business without any fuss. *LOVE*

We finished our stroll on the buckle and with my feet out of the stirrups!

Have I mentioned lately - that ...

PS: Please keep everything crossed that the girls load tomorrow morning for our first off-site adventure at the "Rally". Our start time is 8.45am and Kika hasn't been in a horsebox since she arrived at the yard here in Lux on the 9th of May 2010
Please let all go well tomorrow!


  1. Hurray for your SUPER FABULOUS girls !!!!!!!!!!!! You must be so proud and very rightly so :D
    Fingers crossed for your day today, but I am 100 % certain all will go well. Have fun !

    1. I am even more proud today!
      LOVE THEM!

    2. And by all means ... RIGHTLY SO !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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