Thursday 20 June 2013

Thursday Tidings

Just a quick update between Liebster questionaires - Thanks Ruffles for another nomination! *hug*, I will answer your questions below the update!

The two girlies dozing before our hack on Monday evening
Thankfully have no real updates to add from Luxembourg-Land. The Guru & I had a lovely hack Monday evening with the three girls & 2 dogs. L rode her mare O, I rode Nancy and Kika tagged along on a lead from L's western saddle - my first time going hacking with both girls and am delighted to say that it was a resounding success. Nancy would lead the way when it got narrow or we had to pass cyclists or dog walkers as L had the two horses to manage and her two dogs to call to heal - so really it is lucky Nancy isn't your typical flighty young horse and was happy to forge the path at times :p

Tuesday, Nancy & I went on another hack in the woods with another yard friend, S and her horse K, who is slowly coming back from a couple bouts of colic and is now being treated for a slight liver issue - so fingers crossed he's on the road to recovery. It was the first time we've managed to organise ourselves to go on a hack together despite being on the same yard for 2 years now - woopsy!
Again Nancy was an utter sweetheart and again took the lead when we met scary (to K) cyclist and what not - we also did the most trotting to date in the woods - after Sunday it must all seem like a walk in the park for the angel!

I didn't make it to the yard last night (Wednesday) due to having to work late make up time ahead of leaving early today for vet visit at 5pm (means leaving work in 30minutes at 4.30) - to take bloods from the girls. Fingers crossed all is ok with Kika, I'm hoping for a check up on her following last summer's treatment for low selenium levels and a minor liver issue - we shall see how she stands 12 months on.
I am also getting Nancy tested, as I've mentioned in previous posts, she tends to look quite sucked up and skinny after a bout of rain/cold weather - and as we had another round of thunderstorms last night and this morning I am actually glad that the vet rescheduled from yesterday to today - so this way if Nancy has wasted again after last night the vet can see first hand.

Now for Ruffles questions:

1. What is your favourite song? I don't have a favourite per se, but I do love most things by Snow Patrol & Florence and the Machine among others. I have an eclectic taste and am loving Rudimental at the moment - looking forward to going to see Tegan & Sara live on Monday night.
2. If you are outside, what are you most likely doing? Playing with my ponies.
3. What is your horses favourite treat? Kika eats everything from bananas with peel to melon to your typical horse treats of carrots, apples and flavoured treats. So far Nancy hasn't proved as exotic and only likes apples, carrots & horsey treats.
4. Do you have a colour for your horse? Not really for the horses, but I like purple, so a lot of people have given me purple items for the girls...I also like royal blue & emerald green, what can I say I'm a libra and we're renowned for being indecisive!
5. What is your obsession? Horses I guess and/or Rugby, I am a big rugby supporter - but i don't play so I don't think I'm quite as obsessed on that level as I am with the horses!
6. What is your favourite equestrian dicipline? I guess I'm a happy hacker, but I do enjoy jumping and I appreciate how good flatwork/dressage helps when riding a course - there again the libran in my is showing her indecisiveness!
7. Least favourite? Haven't done anything on horseback yet that I haven't enjoyed.
8. Why did you start blogging? To keep track of what Kika & I get up to since moving to Lux, I wanted to be able to look back if we made progress to see where we came from. Admittedly I didn't realise the road would get quite as bumpy as it was for a while!
9. Do you drink coffee? Nope, no hot beverages. I dislike tea, coffee & hot chocolate - most people find me weird. *shrug* Especially being Irish and not drinking tea, friends in uni found that one very odd!
10. What other pets do you have besides horses? None, would love a dog though...can't while I'm living at home, but maybe once I have my license and my own place so that I can get home at lunch time to walk it. would feel mean otherwise!
11. What are 3 things you can't live without? Love, laughter & food.

Thanks Ruffles & thanks to all who read my blog, check hers out if you haven't already! She's based in NZ and has wonderful fun with her quirky mare Poppy who she has trained to be able to ride bridleless and also recently sa´tarted doing pony club games with her (with a bridle) and new boy Romeo who sounds like such a saint and so much fun to work with!


  1. No hot drinks?! I don't like coffee but I like mochas :) Love reading about everyone!

    1. Yeah, I'm weird I guess ;-)
      I've really enjoyed reading about everyone too - I think it's great fun!

  2. Oh man I am starting to get jealous of all your hacks! ;)

    I do like hot chocolate but otherwise no hot drinks for me either.

    1. Prepare to be jealous for a while though as either this evening or tomorrow I'm moving the girls to an off-site field until September and we'll only have access to forestry hacking...only way to get to an arena will be to hack back to the yard! ;-)

  3. Gosh, Kika looks so much like Lim in the last two photos!

    Love Florence and the Machine :) I'm also not much of a hot beverage drinker. I hate coffee and tea, I'll sometimes drink hot chocolate but I really don't like chocolate very much (which people think is super weird).

    1. I've always said Kika & Limerick could be siblings - hence why when I first commented on your blog I was wondering as to his pedigree, especially as he was imported from Ireland ;-)

      Flo is awesome, I've been lucky enough to see her live twice and she is amazing! her voice is something else!

  4. Thanks for answering :-) Nancy sounds like such a super horses. My horse Poppy loves bananas and lemonade iceblocks in the summer.

    1. Nancy is a super star & Kika is a gem, I really am blessed with my girls. Kika is gas and eats the banana whole, skin & all!
      Hope question answers were ok! :p


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