Friday 7 June 2013

Lazy Evenings

I'm hoping to keep this post more word-free then my last one. *blush*
Here are a couple snapshots from Wednesday evening of the girls in the field - however they were being very friendly and kept coming up to snuffle at me/the camera - what can I say there is no longer enough grass to keep them occupied & human means food...

She spotted me approaching - they were at the gate by the time I got there myself

Exhibit A - as to why I couldn't get better pictures. O & Nancy

Exhibit B

I love the way the light caught her eye here!

Still not 100% where I'd like her to be - but regaining some of the weight lost nicely

Exhibit C as to how overly attentive K (left) & O (right) were to me when I was trying to take my pictures

Love the shadow from the tree
"Don't forget me!"

D - their haflinger field buddy, gorgeous horse!

E - Another friend's horse

I'm accompanying E and his owner SJ tomorrow (Saturday) to lend a hand!

"Back to us now, please!"
I'll even pretend to pos

Sunshine Snooze

Not much grass left :(

Sneaky eye shot

Harlem Head-Shake

Sneaky through K's legs shot of O


Kika confo'ish shot

Nancy confo'ish shot

Kika got a bit of a winter coat re-growth

Another eye shot - I know I'm weird! But I love'm


  1. Totally not weird to love eye shots..I've taken so many it's not funny, I adore them!! I have one that I took and edited and it's so pretty..I have this desire to get it framed to hang in my house. Haha! PS: I'm envious of Nancy's dapples.. Good gracious those are pretty!!!

    1. If you like it you should frame it! :D
      I also love B&W photos, need to figure out how to to that with my camera - otherwise I know how to do it on my phone...just a case of remembering to do so, lol!

  2. GREAT pictures! I love the shadow one with you and the girls!

    1. Aw thanks K, I quite like that one too :)

  3. Lovely pictures ! I am forever taking eye photos as they make great reference photos for paintings :)

    1. I can't paint to save my life, but I do love eye photos. They are so expressive!


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